Note to Self: Don’t Jump Into Unknown Puddles…

There is perhaps nothing more romantic than taking a walk along a country road with your significant other. It just seems as if it gives us the chance to relax and enjoy some time with the ones we love. That is what was going on in this skit, when Dawn French was taking some time in the country. As she was walking down the road with a man we can almost feel the romance in the air.

Of course, when we find ourselves in those types of situations, we often take the time to get a little silly as well. That is exactly what Dawn did but splashing in some puddles. It does seem like a carefree way to spend an afternoon but there was only one problem. One of the puddles was a lot deeper than she realised and when she went into it, she sunk up to her neck.

We recognise that this was only a funny scene from a brilliant comedienne but it also gives us something special at the same time. Perhaps we may find ourselves in similar circumstances and if we do, we may just find we are smiling to ourselves.

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