Owen Helps The Vicar Bring In The Groceries But She Wasn’t Expecting Him To Do This!

When we go to visit a friend, we might not be surprised to see that they are in the middle of something. That is especially true when we show up unannounced. When that happens, we often pitch in to help and it is just part of being a good friend.

In this clip, Owen shows up to visit the Vicar and she is just about to carry groceries in from the car. She asks him if he would help but he wants to know what is in it for him! When he finally does agree to carry some of the groceries in, he doesn’t exactly treat them with the care then deserve. In fact, he does something that will surprise you, and it will make you laugh out loud.

The Vicar of Dibley is always there when we need a good laugh. It doesn’t matter if we are watching a committee meeting or if it is Owen doing something unusual, it always makes us smile.

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