Owen Stops By To Post An Ad For A Jigsaw Puzzle And Sees Alice Kissing Hugo

Have you ever been in the middle of a situation that just seems to get stranger as time goes by? Perhaps it may start out somewhat normally but when you take everything into consideration, things just don’t add up. It is something we may experience often and it certainly is something we see on the Vicar of Dibley regularly.

In this scene, the vicar is working on the newsletter and Owen comes over to place an ad for a jigsaw puzzle. That seems normal but then you realise that Alice and Hugo are in the middle of a 4 hour kiss in the background. In addition, you find out that the dog has eaten a good portion of the jigsaw puzzle and you have a recipe for laughter.

As you can expect from the Vicar of Dibley, things just keep getting funnier and funnier. In the end, you get the biggest surprise of them all from Alice, and it is something that will make you laugh loud.

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