Sting Comes To Visit The Vicar Of Dibley And Alice Lays Down The Law

The cast members who were on the Vicar of Dibley from one week to the next certainly have the ability to make us laugh. It seems as if the chemistry that went between them was so in tune that they just were able to play off of each other perfectly, regardless of the scene. Of course, most of us tend to think about Dawn French or Emma Chambers when it comes to the Vicar of Dibley but from time to time, they had some special guest stars on the show as well.

This episode is no different, as Sting was visiting the Vicar and she was quite enamored with his “chiseled good looks.” Of course, he was not there to woo the Vicar but she certainly had her eye on him from the moment that he walked in the door. It is then that Alice Tinker stepped up to the plate and did something most unexpected.

Alice recognised that the Vicar had her eye on Sting, so she took matters into her own hands and gave him a piece of her mind. While threatening him, she did so in typical Alice Tinker fashion and you will not believe what she said.

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