The Committee Tries To Figure Out How To Pay For The New Stained Glass Window

We may, at times, find ourselves in a situation where we need to pull together and come up with a solution to a rather difficult problem. The problem may vary from one situation to another but the fact that people pull together and sometimes are successful in trying continues to keep us going.

A problem is certainly occurred on the Vicar of Dibley, as a big storm came through the area on the previous night and broke the stained-glass window in the church. The unfortunate problem was, they discovered it was going to cost £11,000 to repair the window, which seemed like an obstacle that was far too large to overcome. That is when they started discussing different ways in which they could come up with the money but they were unable to agree on anything at first.

As is usual when the committee gets together, they began discussing different factors and the situation escalated rather quickly. In the end, they don’t really come up with a solution in this video but we get a good laugh at the final words by David Horton.

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