The New reservoir Is A Total Surprise But Not As Surprising As What Owen Did

When we are in a situation where things are not going our way, we may have a wide range of emotions. At times, it may make us want to retaliate, but most of us restrain ourselves because we understand the implications of doing so. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t wish we could do it.

When they are having a water crises in Dibley, they certainly are up against a wall. Things just go downhill when they find out that they are not only having a problem with water, they are about to lose their homes when the village becomes a reservoir. The person who is laying out the plan isn’t winning any popularity contests and in the end, Owen does something that will shock you and make you laugh out loud.

Yes, we all would like to retaliate when we are upset over a situation but it will typically only make things worse. Fortunately we have the Vicar of Dibley and we can laugh at what they do.

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