The Vicar Agrees Let Owen Kiss Her But It Had The Most Unexpected Results

When we are friends with somebody, we typically think that we know them quite well. At times, we may be comfortable with a little bit of intimacy with them but at other times, we realise that it is best left off of the table. That is the case with Owen, and the Vicar knows that she should keep her distance. Unfortunately, she let the moment get to her.

When Owen is talking, he actually sounds as if he is somewhat civil and she decides that she is going to give him a proper kis. What she isn’t expecting, however, is for him to come in with the kiss of a lifetime, even leaving behind a piece of sausage and taking her filling from her tooth. In the end, she is left brushing off her tongue and probably wondering why she decided to do that in the first place.

If there’s one thing that all of us have in life, it is regrets. There is no doubt that the Vicar has this as one of her regrets, but it’s one that we have the opportunity to laugh at.

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