The Vicar And Alice Prepare For The Fair With Some Homemade Stuffed Elephants

Many of us can remember going to a fair when we were young children and we may still continue to have the opportunity to go to them now that we are adults. They take place in many areas across the country, from small towns to larger metropolitan areas and they often offer a lot to those who visit. For many of us, it is one of the highlights of our year.

On the Vicar of Dibley, they are also preparing for an event that is going to take place and they are hosting it. They also feel as if Elton John is going to come for a visit, so everyone is excited about the possibilities of what is going to take place. Even Alice Tinker has gotten into the act, making some stuffed animals to sell for the children in order to raise a little bit of money.

As she began showing those soft toys to the Vicar, we begin to learn a little bit more about Alice and her personality. Not only do we find out that her elephants are rather funny looking, it is what is stuffed inside that really makes us laugh.

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