The Vicar And Alice Tinker Sing About Their Favourite Things, Although Alice Can’t Remember The Lines

What do you do when you get frightened to help calm down again? Many of us have our own particular method, but you may want to try what was used by Alice Tinker in this brilliant Vicar of Dibley clip. Rather than being frightened of the storm outside, she decides to sing a Julie Andrews tune, A Few of My Favourite Things.

Have you ever had a song in your head and it just seems as if you can’t quite get all of the words right? Obviously, that was what Alice was experiencing in this clip, and it is absolutely hilarious how she is able to get by. She never misses a beat, until, of course, she is stopped by the vicar.

The next time you find yourself worried or frightened, perhaps you will take a page out of their book. It really can make a difference, or, of course, you could simply watch this clip and find your smile again.

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