The Vicar And David Visit Jim And We Get to Meet His Wife

When we are around people on a regular basis, we may grow accustomed to seeing them in a certain setting. We don’t typically give much thought to the life that they may live when they are outside of our sight, and that can lead to some rather interesting situations. In this clip, the vicar and David Horton are going door-to-door so that he could make some campaign promises.

One of the people that they visit while they are out and about is Jim, and he answers the door in much the same way as you would expect. What you are likely not expecting, however, is for his wife to come out and for a short conversation to place. We are used to the way that Jim talks but his wife is quite the opposite.

In the end, you see that Jim and his wife are actually opposites but it is quite easy to see how they would attract to each other. It is yet another reason why we love the Vicar of Dibley so much.

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