The Vicar Finds An Old Black Sabbath Album But When Alice Reads What’s On It? Whoa!

When we look back at our past, we often see things that we had perhaps forgotten. That is especially true when we are going through a box of old items that may have been stored away for quite some time. It’s often shocking when we find what was hiding in those boxes.

It appears as if the Vicar is having one of those moments and Alice is there to share it with her. She brings down an old box and finds a Black Sabbath album inside. Of course, Alice wonders if it is a gospel group. They then see where the album was signed by an old boyfriend but what he signs makes Alice smile and the Vicar blush.

Our memories are ours to keep but when we share them it can lead to unexpected situations. Fortunately, we get to laugh at this situation because it is the Vicar who is going through it.

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