The Vicar Handcuffs Herself To The Church But The Needs To Use The Loo

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are going to be passionate about something. Sometimes, it makes us do things that we wouldn’t usually do, especially when we aren’t getting our way. Some people take it to the extreme but others go through normal channels to let their voice be heard.

On the Vicar of Dibley, they are also passionate, and that is especially true when someone tries to take away their town. They had a petition signed (with the funniest results) but it seems as if the vicar needs to take things to the next level. She does so by handcuffing herself to the church, but when Jim and Alice start talking about having to go to the loo, she can’t wait any longer.

When we dedicate ourselves to something, it is always best if we make sure we have the chance to follow through. That is true in real life and we also get to see a funny example from the vicar.

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