The Vicar Is Introduced For The First Time To Owen Newitt And It Doesn’t Go Well

One of the things that we have appreciated about the Vicar of Dibley is the fact that the characters have developed over the years. At times, when we look back on how they got their start in the show, we may find that it is not quite in line with where they are today. Through it all, however, they find a way to bring laughter to us through this brilliant show.

In this scene, we are looking back on the time when Owen Newitt first met the Vicar, and things didn’t quite go as well as they could. As you likely know, Owen is a big fan of the Vicar but that wasn’t necessarily the case from beginning. As a matter of fact, he even had some misgivings as to whether she should be in that position or not.

Most of us tend who think about Dawn French only think about the Vicar of Dibley but there is so much more to the show. Although Dawn certainly is funny, and the show wouldn’t be the same without her, you have to appreciate all that the cast members bring to every episode.

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