The Vicar Is Preparing For A Radio Show But When Jim Talks About His Show, So Funny!

Have you ever had the opportunity to be on the radio? It’s a rather interesting experience and, although people aren’t seeing you, it can still be unnerving. In this clip, the Dibley radio show is about to begin and they are filling the time slots.

When the Vicar talks to Jim about his show, which is his moral maze, she would like to know what his subject is going to be. It seems odd to have him talk about the subject of morality but when he talks about having intimate relations with poodles, it shocks everyone. Of course, we get the chance to laugh at what is said, and then when Owen adds in his part, it gets even funnier.

Jim always has a way of making us laugh. He seems to have something funny to say whenever the camera points in his direction. It is just another reason why we love the show so much.