The Vicar of Dibley: No Parking Gag

Have you ever had the responsibility to make something clear to individuals who were participating in a large event? Perhaps it had to do with directing them for parking purposes or it may have been getting them to walk in a certain area. In any case, you already recognise that it can be quite difficult and it has some rather unique challenges that go along with it. It appears as if Jim is having such a difficulty in this clip, and it is very funny to watch.

Jim Trott is perhaps one of the funniest individuals on the Vicar of Dibley and he is not only a brilliant comedian, he is also quite an actor as well. We have probably heard this familiar line many times when watching the show, but it doesn’t matter how many times we hear it, it is still going to bring a smile to our face.

When he is trying to direct people to not park on the field, it seems as if he is giving some rather clear direction. The problem is, somebody comes in and asks if he is telling them that they are or are not supposed to park on the field. His response is priceless.