The Vicar of Dibley – Priest Arrives from Bally Kiss

I don’t know about you, but I could never get tired of the comedy of Dawn French. It seems that anything she does is going to be brilliant and if you don’t start laughing when she starts talking, you might want to have your ability to laugh checked. Of course, from time to time, there are things that make us smile more than others and the Vicar of Dibley is probably at the top of the list.

This particular clip is one that you may or may not remember but it is something that is amazingly funny. It comes from the first season of the Vicar of Dibley, which seems like so long ago. It seems that Dawn is expecting a priest to visit from a far away area known as Bally Kiss. As you can imagine, the Vicar is falling all over herself to impress him, even before he arrives.

When the priest does finally arrive, that is when the comedy really starts. Of course, nothing quite goes as planned and that just makes things funnier. This is a moment that you will remember for quite some time. It may be an oldie but it sure is a goodie.

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