The Vicar of Dibley – Sean Bean Cameo

If there is one thing that we have come to appreciate about the Vicar of Dibley, it is fact that it extended far beyond a common sitcom. Yes, it certainly was funny and we got the chance to chuckle at it on many occasions but it also had a spark that most other shows were missing. In fact, you never quite knew what was going to take place from one episode to the next.

In this clip, Dawn French has found herself in a bit of a pickle and we get to laugh along at the scene. She is preparing to get married and everything seems to be in order. In classic Dawn French fashion, we get a good laugh at what happens at the alter but it is what takes place in the background that really makes us laugh out loud. It was something totally unexpected.

What happened is that Sean Bean makes a cameo appearance and it produces some most unexpected and hilarious results. It really was amazing for him to be on the show, even if it was only for a moment. After all, he is one of the most versatile actors that has come out of England, and he certainly made this scene funny.

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