The Vicar Plays The Funniest Part In A Dance For The Dibley Talent Contest

When we watch a talent show, regardless of whether it is on the telly or in real life, we have certain expectations. One of the main things we look for is people who will want to show what they can do and they often do it brilliantly. In fact, they may just surprise us at times.

Some people will sing and others will dance but when Dawn French is on the stage on the Vicar of Dibley, you can’t help but wonder what is going to take place. That is exactly what is happening in this clip, and she is so brilliant, you can’t help but laugh at what she is doing. It is classic Dawn French, which is why we love the show so much.

The next time you see a talent show you will probably think of this scene. You may see many people who are showing what they can do but more than likely, they will never top this act.

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