The Vicar Prepares To Turn Down Owen’s Proposal But He Turns The Tables On Her

When we are facing a difficult situation, we often try to prepare ourselves to handle it in advance. Some of us may go so far as to practice in front of a mirror, but it is usually not going to work out quite as we had planned. After all, there are so many variables in any situation, it can be difficult to adjust.

It appears as if the Vicar is in such a situation. She was recently proposed to by Owen, and it totally took her by surprise. Of course, she doesn’t want to marry him so she tries to prepare in advance, which includes taking a nip or two from the bottle. In the end, she is ready but she finds out that things are going south quickly. In fact, he turns the tables on her in the end.

There are many reasons why we love the Vicar of Dibley. Perhaps the largest of those reasons, however, it because it imitates our own lives and we can enjoy the show without the stress.

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