The Vicar Starts A Book Club But Things Don’t Go As Expected

Have you ever had a brilliant idea but it seems as if nobody is on board with it? We may even talk people into working along with us, but when it comes time to put everything together, our help suddenly disappears. The Vicar is experiencing something similar in this clip, and it has the most hilarious results.

When the Vicar decided to start a book club, she didn’t want anything extraordinary, she just wanted everyone to read a book and that they would discuss it together. When they actually got together at the house, however, she found out that nobody had read the book and some of them were only there for the cake. If this isn’t funny enough, we also have the comments from Alice and in the end, a surprise that is going to make you laugh out loud.

When we see scenes like this from the Vicar of Dibley they make us laugh for a variety of reasons. In most cases, however, it is not only because we love Dawn French but it is because we may see what is taking place in our own lives as well.

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