The Vicar Tells A Brilliant Santa Clause Joke, But Alice’s Reaction Had Me On The Floor

Have you ever heard of people celebrating Christmas in April? It is for those who just can’t get enough of the holiday, and they are ready for it before the summer even begins. Although it’s a little early to be celebrating Christmas at this point in the year, there is still the possibility for an epic Santa Claus joke in March.

You could be told a Santa Claus joke by anyone but if I had to make the choice, it would definitely be by Dawn French. Her role on the Vicar of Dibley alongside Emma Chambers has really kept us laughing over the years. In fact, we often are able to laugh at the reruns even more than we were at at them the first time we saw it.

The joke that Dawn French tells to Emma Chambers in this clip is absolutely brilliant. In classic Alice Tinker style, however, she falls short when it comes to getting the punch line.

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