The Vicar Tells The Best Knock Knock Joke

There are many different types of jokes, and some of they are sure to get a laugh. One type of joke that has been around for a very long time is the knock knock joke and it is one that doesn’t tend to land well. In fact, most of those jokes are going to result in more of a groan than a laugh. That is, of course, unless the right person if telling it.

In this clip, the Vicar is telling a knock knock joke to Alice. It is one that we may have heard many times in the past, but it is still one of the better jokes out there. The problem is not the joke, however, it is Alice and she just isn’t getting the punch line.

This seems to be a recurring theme on the Vicar of Dibley, and it is one that we may have come across ourselves. Hopefully, we were able to tell it to someone that was actually able to laugh when we said something funny.