They Want To Replace The Window But Nobody Can Agree On What Was On It

When we are in our normal surroundings, we may pay attention to what is taking place around us and what is in the room but once it is removed, we suddenly realise that we actually didn’t know what we were looking at in the first place. We tend to take things for granted and that can lead to some difficulties, especially when it comes to our ability to recollect what was there.

The same thing is also happening on the Vicar of Dibley, and after the big storm broke the stained-glass window, they realised that it needed to be repaired. The problem was, they decided that they wanted it to be exactly as it was before but nobody could agree on what was in the picture on the window. In fact, each of them has a different opinion and the lively discussion gets funny very quickly.

We may have found ourselves in a similar situation, looking back and trying to remember how something appeared when we had it in our possession. It seems as if it is not so unusual after all.

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