Vicar of Dibley and Johnny Depp – Classic Comic Relief

Many of us would love to have the opportunity to see Dawn French perform in person. She has given us many opportunities to do so in the past, regardless of whether it was some type of standup comedy or if she was making another type of public appearance. Of course, the majority of the work that she did was behind-the-scenes but they are just as funny as being able to see her in person.

This scene is from the Vicar of Dibley and Dawn has found herself in a rather unusual situation. She visits the trailer of Johnny Depp but as you would expect, things get somewhat out of hand and twisted up along the way. Not only will you love this video the first time you see it, you are likely to watch it multiple times because this one of her most hilarious parts.

Johnny Depp is also a versatile actor and he has played multiple roles. He was raised in the United States in Florida and at one time, tried a career as a rock musician. After meeting Nicholas Cage and getting a part in The Nightmare Elm Street, he had his breakthrough and has not stopped since.

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