Vicar of Dibley with Sting – Classic Comic Relief

Did you ever notice how there are certain people who just seem to be able to make you laugh from the moment you see them? Perhaps it is a friend of yours that has been doing it for years or maybe it is someone in your family. For most of us, however, it comes in the form of a professional comedian and Dawn French certainly is at the top of her class. You will have no doubt about that fact once you see this clip.

The Vicar of Dibley is perhaps one of the more classic shows that Dawn French has ever starred in. She certainly is hilarious in her part, but the supporting cast also allows us to laugh on an ongoing basis. Some of us look forward to the shows, regardless of whether we are watching them brand-new or if we are watching them as reruns.

In this show, Dawn French has found herself in somewhat of a pickle. She was selected for celebrity swap and she ends up with the music superstar, Sting. It starts out funny but as things go from bad to worse for poor Dawn, we just continue to laugh harder and harder.

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