There are certain sitcoms that we may watch on a regular basis and we come to know the characters quite well. When you take a look behind the scenes of those shows, however, you might be quite surprised with what you find. Sometimes, the beginnings of those sitcoms is quite different than what you might otherwise see, but it can really help to heighten your appreciation for what is available on the telly. One of the more famous sitcoms on BBC is Absolutely Fabulous, also known as Ab Fab. It was written by and it also stars Jennifer Saunders. It [More]
Did you ever notice how some people are able to take something that is rather ordinary and make it extraordinarily funny? It is truly a talent that many of us appreciate, because it gives us the ability to laugh when some things around us may not seem all that funny. Dawn French is one of those individuals and she is quite funny on her own but when she gets together with Jennifer Saunders, it is difficult not to laugh. This is a rather old skit, but it is one that you are going to treasure once you see it. It [More]
French & Saunders with Helen Mirren on BBC.
French & Saunders skit of one of the most watched shows “Most Haunted”.
There is nothing quite like going on a holiday, and it is something that many of us appreciate doing when we have the opportunity. It doesn’t matter if we are going to a faraway land or if we are just driving somewhere nearby, it is important to have things planned in advance. In doing so, we will be able to get the most out of our holiday, but it doesn’t always go as smoothly as possible. If you are somebody that tends to obsess over preparing for a holiday, you are really going to appreciate this brilliant skit by Dawn [More]
Jen gives a lecture/chat/talk in her fabulous stretch trousers to student teachers while Dawn is being, well, Dawn…
French & Saunders parody of the movie The Piano.
French & Saunders sing “I Should Be So Lucky” and eat hamburgers, for their voice.
There are some comedy teams that we enjoy watching and it doesn’t matter how many times we see them, they still have the ability to put a huge smile on our face. That certainly is the case with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders and when they are on the stage together, there is nothing stopping them from doing the craziest things possible. That can clearly be seen in this sketch from their Live Tour 2000. In this particular skit, Jennifer Saunders is playing the straight man but Dawn French is playing the part of the chocolate police. As a matter [More]
There have been many comedy shows over the years but some of them stand out as being those that we will continue to watch, over and over again. For those of us who are big fans of Dawn French, there can be nothing better than when her and Jennifer Saunders get together and work on the stage. They had the unique ability to make the audience laugh at almost anything, regardless of whether it is inherently funny or not. This brilliant French and Saunders casualty sketch is from their Live tour 2000, and it would be difficult to find something [More]
There are people who have all types of talents. Some of them sing, others dance but there are a few select individuals who have a unique ability that all of us love. It is the ability to make us laugh, and laughter certainly is the best medicine. In fact, some of us try to laugh on a daily basis and it is a great way for us to unwind and forget about the stress of the day. Throughout the years, there have been many individuals who make us laugh but at times, it is a team of people who work [More]
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders do a parody of the movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”
If there is one thing that we know about Dawn French, it’s the fact that you never quite know what she is going to get into. In one moment, she may be playing a Vicar on a TV show and at another time, she may be doing standup comedy in front of a live audience. In this particular clip, she is doing a comedy routine with Jennifer Saunders and it is one of their funniest of all times. As you know, both Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have the ability to become almost any persona that they want, and this [More]
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders doing a parody of Titanic Part 3.
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders doing a parody of Titanic Part 2.
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders doing a parody of Titanic Part 1.
Many of us have become accustomed to having Dawn French in our home on a weekly basis, sometimes every day. Of course, she is in third person, she is there through the television. At times, she may be playing on the Vicar of Dibley but at other times, she may be doing a standup comedy routine or perhaps a skit in front of a live audience. That is what you see in this clip, and it is one that will make you laugh. Dawn French is funny on her own but when she is paired with Jennifer Saunders, the two [More]
Sketch featuring Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. A parody of the former ITV breakfast television service TV-AM. Today Dawn is a royal expert revealing what The Queen would have for a mid-morning snack!