French & Saunders – Tate Modern Museum

Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders play 2 nice, little, old ladies on a tour of the new Tate Modern Museum. They wander around either bewildered or confused through ostentatious modern art until they finally find the exhibit they were searching for… the cafe. From the … Read More

French & Saunders – Celebrity Impressions

While they are relaxing at home on a December evening, French and Saunders decide that it would be fun to impersonate some other celebrities. They go back and forth with each other, and you are not going to believe some of the people that they … Read More

French & Saunders – Next top model

It seems as if the world is focused on competition and it may show itself in many different ways. Sometimes it is a dance competition, such as Dancing with the Stars and at other times, it could be singing or perhaps even magic acts. In … Read More

French & Saunders – Animal Control

We have seen shows about almost anything you can possibly imagine in recent years. Perhaps one of the more unusual subjects, however, has been animal control. It is a reality TV subject, where they follow animal control officers around on a daily basis and look … Read More

French & Saunders – Art gallery

When it comes to comedy, there are certain people who just seem to have the unique gift of making us laugh. Some people may be good at telling a joke, others could do their own standup routine and still others play a brilliant part on … Read More

French & Saunders – Dancing Dawn

When many of us think about Dawn French, the first thing that comes to our mind is her ability to make us laugh. She certainly is a brilliant comedian but that is only one of her many talents. Over the years, we have seen her … Read More

Dawn French on Jonathon Ross

We often look at celebrities as if they are the most unusual people but when you stop to really take a look at them, they are just like the rest of us. Of course, there are not very many ways that you can get a … Read More

A very starstruck Dawn French

When it comes to people who are famous, we often feel as if the world is quite different for them. We get to see them on the stage or perhaps on the telly and it seems as if they just go from one impressive event … Read More

French & Saunders – Gordon Ramsay Sketch

Over the years, we have seen Dawn French play a number of different fascinating roles with Jennifer Saunders and it seems as if they always have the ability to make us laugh. Perhaps they do a parody on Madonna or they may do a standup … Read More