The Best Of Dawn French Dancing

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Dawn Talks About Her Latest Bestseller According To Yes

“According to Yes” is Dawn French’s latest bestseller released in hardback in October of 2015. In this video clip, she talks about how she writes and gives us a little insight into the real person as opposed to her wonderful characters that we all know … Read More

Dawn And Friends Demonstrate Safe Sex

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The Funniest Dawn French Joke

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Dawn French Superman Joke

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Dawn French and the Horse Joke

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Dawn French Talks about Writing Saucy Scenes

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The Dawn French Talk Show?

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Dawn French Gives a Speech

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8 Dawn French Quotes

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Ruby Wax and Dawn French – Very Funny

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Behind the Scenes with French and Saunders

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Dawn French – Love and Other Disasters

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Dawn French Performing Fairytale of New York

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Dawn French kissing Bear Grylls Upside Down

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Cher and Dawn French Singing Believe

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An Incredible Dawn French Interview

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